January 9, 2008

twelve reasons your front door needs to "go greek"

While doing my daily swoon over the incredible photos on Flickr, I came across a treasure trove of stunning front door photos from Robert Wallace. Robert lives in the incredibly photogenic country of Greece- and let me tell 'ya, he needs to be immediately placed as the head of the Visitor's Bureau...

His gorgeous exterior photos have me ready to hop on a plane to see these places, pronto. The colors and textures used by these homeowners are really intriguing- they definitely make me want to step past the entry to see what's behind that door!

Although many of the doors shown below are heavily weathered, the color schemes, overlays, or detailing could easily be modified and made applicable to newer or more traditional homes.

Take a peek at your front entry- does it need a little personality? If your answer is "yes", here's 12 ways to "Go Greek" with your front door:

1. Kefalonia Colours (by RobW_)

2. Anafiotika Doorway (by RobW_)

3. Koukaki Front Door (by RobW_)

4. Recycled Door (by RobW_)

5. Hydra Doorstep (by RobW_)

6. Anafiotika, Plaka, Athens (by RobW_)

7. Athenian Front Door (by RobW_)

8. Doorway in Hydra (by RobW_)

9. Balcony Door (by RobW_)

10. Elegant Front Door (by RobW_)

11. Front Door Detail (by RobW_)

12. Koukaki Front Door (by RobW_)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've started blogging! It's lonely at first, but I hope you'll keep it up. Your posts are full of information. Expect an email from me as I'm starting a design business and am FULL of questions. Your website has already been helpful as I'm trying to put a pricing structure together...but I'm still in the dark about so many things.
Thanks for the inspiring posts!