January 18, 2008


Savannah Surreal (by champagne.chic)

"God is the best decorator I've ever had..." Dennis Hopper, "Entourage"

Designers always talk about the importance of taking vacations, traveling and "getting away" to recharge and keep their creativity sharp. I completely agree, but I'm here to tell 'ya there's a little more to it than that...

Sometimes projects can completely consume you, and sometimes projects completely "consumer" you. When I get "consumered", this means I have shopped and shopped myself to death in the usual retail stores and online. I have seen everything in every store. I can watch HGTV and completely dissect every room and list where every item was purchased. I can quote all the cutesy product names, too. I don't even require catalogs or websites anymore- I AM a catalog and website!

I can also spot any of Sherwin-Williams' top 100 colors and spit that right out for 'ya... (No paint fan deck needed.) "Your dining room is Tatami Tan, right?" I will say that rather random ability does surprise and impress clients- if I haven't won their trust by then, that trick closes the deal. :)

I usually get "consumered" when I'm working on Design on Demand projects, or when I'm working with a client that has any kind of deadline or shorter time frame for completion. This situation means I have to whip rooms out really fast, so custom items aren't an option. Hello Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Overstock, West Elm, ZGallerie and Ballard Designs... (I'm not putting links here because Lord knows you know them, too!)

This barrage of retail makes me long for all things authentic and "real". Enter the vacation.

Farewell (by champagne.chic)

My idea of a vacation is NOT Las Vegas or Orlando... I'm gonna need the ocean, the country or the red rocks of Arizona. And while I'm there, I'm also going to be surfing Etsy to get my fix of handmade and one-of-a-kind. I certainly won't be near a mall or shopping center, unless it's an antique mall or crafts village. I'll be "anti" everything while I'm on vacation. Heck, I might even consider going out in public without any makeup on... (not)

It always feels great to claim a little authenticity in our big box world of retail and mass merchandising. My way is getting back to nature and simplicity on vacation- but I'm about to do it full-time... (More about that soon!)

Do you ever start feeling "consumered"? Am I the only one?


Southern Heart said...

Hi! I'm so glad that you visited my Memphis blog and left a comment, so that I could also find you!

I've talked about you/your business before on GardenWeb, to someone who was looking for design help in Memphis (that's been awhile back). I think I may have seen your work at Vesta, and I know I've seen your website before. You do lovely work, and I also love your blog. Yummy!

I will add your link to my list on my Southern Heart blog. More people interested in design and decorating visit that one. Also, have you ever talked with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality? She is looking to start her own decorating business in Birmingham. I know that she would love to talk with you.

Thanks again so much for stopping by and saying hi!


Anonymous said...

Sedona is sounding mighty fine to me, or Homer, AK, or the North Island of New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Sedona is sounding mighty fine to me, or Homer, AK. or the North Island of New Zealand.