January 22, 2008

inspirational photo pause: kitty wigs

Needless to say, this photo REALLY caught my eye! My little Trinity
would look really sharp in the pink wig. (I find myself completely amused while simultaneously questioning my own sanity after typing that out loud...)

If you have a kitty that is in dire need of a funky wig, here's where to score one.

(photo collage created by billy palooza on flickr, original photos by jill johnson)


Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating said...

Tambra! I'm still a newbie at this whole blogging thing. I just realized that you have a blog!

This post is hilarious. I love my cats...and it would amuse me to no end to see them in one of these wigs!

Anonymous said...

How funny-I especially like the Cleopatra blue number.

The Tea Princess said...

These wigs are adorable! I think my Little Girl would look great in the blue with her black and white complexion. LOL