January 21, 2008

the power of the cottage

Balmanno Cottage - view from west (by Michael Tinkler)
(photo by michael tinkler via flickr)

Merriam-Webster's definition of "cottage" is:

1 : the dwelling of a farm laborer or small farmer
2 : a usually small frame one-family house

Considering its humble origins, it probably seems odd that I would refer to a cottage as powerful. When you think of powerful houses, the White House might come to mind - or maybe a cathedral or a royal palace. You're probably not going to envision a little charmer with a front porch and adirondack chairs.

Yet within those walls lies a power that far exceeds the square footage. Cottages seem to embody a certain modesty and eloquent informality that transforms people as they walk through the door. By it's very nature, a cottage encourages intimacy and communication- experiences that are cherished in our fast-paced, technological world.

The confines of a smaller home can't help but reinforce "togetherness", but the challenges of a smaller home also foster creativity. When there's less to work with, much more imagination and clever planning is required to contain your life's amenities. In a cottage, you'll often notice the "decorative" items surrounding you are exceptional and personal... edited down by necessity, but often reflecting the true soul of its owner.

I think most people strive for their home to be welcoming and for their interior surroundings to tell their "story". It just seems like a cottage home allows you to get it right a little easier, a little quicker, and with an added dose of authentic charm.

Isn't that pretty powerful?

“I had rather be shut up in a very modest cottage with my books, my family and a few old friends, dining on simple bacon, and letting the world roll on as it liked, than to occupy the most splendid post, which any human power can give.”
-Thomas Jefferson

log-cottage-2 (by jdww)
(photo by jdww via flickr)

Lonely Cottage (by Euan)
(photo by euan via flickr)

Cottage (by Spotrick)
(photo by spotrick via flickr)

Ontario Cottage #6 (by jdww)
(photo by jdww via flickr)

Victorian cottages, Chautauqua Institution, New York, July 2007 (by Conlawprof)
(photo by conlawprof via flickr)

Cottage, Key West (by Conlawprof)
(photo by conlawprof via flickr)

Bouldin Creek Cottage (by Zanthan Photos)
(photo by zanthan photos via flickr)

Herringbone Cottage (by Xerones)
(photo by xerones via flickr)

Cottage (by Auntie P)
(photo by auntie p via flickr)

Thatched cottage, Haddenham (by Marvin (PA))
(photo by marvin (pa) via flickr)

cottage in the country (by marktristan)
(photo by marktristan via flickr)

The Family Cottage (by gixmo)
(photo by gixmo via flickr)

Prospect Cottage - rear view (by diamond geezer)
(photo by diamond geezer via flickr)

Cottage at Sunset (by waywuwei)
(photo by waywuwei via flickr)

Cream Teas Cottage wide (by Natman)
(photo by natman via flickr)

Laurentides cottage in winter (by iapx)
(photo by iapx via flickr)

cottage no 1 (by rohanlabs)
(photo by rohanlabs via flickr)

Adare Cottage (by iLoveButter)
(photo by ilovebutter via flickr)

Winter cottage (by MiikaS)
(photo by miikas via flickr)

Water Cottages (by cons)
(photo by cons via flickr)

Gram's Cottage (by terriseesthings)
(photo by terriseesthings via flickr)

Doll's cottage at Bardon (by Leonard John Matthews)
(photo by leonard john matthews via flickr)

city cottage (by jgrantmac)
(photo by jgrantmac via flickr)

Misty Cottage (by ZeroOne)
(photo by zeroone via flickr)

Rose Cottage - Honington (by Hellsgeriatric)
(photo by hellsgeriatric via flickr)

Kebbock View Cottage (by Aelle)
(photo by aelle via flickr)

Plantation Cottage (by Atelier Teee)
(photo by atelier teee via flickr)

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