February 27, 2008

get thyself to ebay expeditiously

whisper @ elvismas (by macwagen)

Of ALL the designer secrets in the world,
Ebay has to be the biggest and best. If you take nothing else with you from reading this blog, take this: Get thyself to Ebay for the best deals on everything design, decor and renovation related! There is no substitute.

This tip was inspired by
my recent trip to a local retail showroom. I was minding my own business, casually viewing a collection of faucets... when BAM- I literally backed into this sink:

I almost spit up my Diet Coke
when I saw the price tag... Surely they jest. This is just crazy talk.

I say that because of this:

In case that's too small, the total price of this sink (with shipping) is $124.95.

Yes, it's the same sink. The same gauge, the same size, the same everything.

I rest my case. :)


Red River Interiors,LLC said...

I haven't used Ebay but hear it's great...upon your recommendation I'll try it for my next project....love your blog and signed up for your newsletter...always looking for more good tips... Fay

bronwyn said...

Just wanted to say thanks for linking to me, I've been enjoying exploring your blog.

Barbara said...

what beautiful inspirations...will visit again...Greetings Barbara

Anonymous said...

Love that E-Bay. Some time ago, I was looking for a gorgeous MinkaAire San Francisco fan (the mahogany blade version rather than the birdseye maple) at a price I would actually be willing to pay--an E-Bay seller had it for more than $200 less than the lowest price I had been able to come across on-line. Now if I could get someone motivated to install it, I'd really be happy.

/// said...


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Holy cow, what a deal! I also love high end consignment shops. I just was looking for a client and found a $3200 sofa for $800. You can't beat that. :-)

Happy day and good deal scouting!


Anonymous said...

Isn't E-Bay the greatest? I found a fabulous MinkaAire San Francisco fan that really wanted to come home with me and keep my family room cool, but I WASN'T willing to pay $575.00 for it. I searched and searched and found it on E-Bay for about $200 less than that. Now if I can get someone motivated to install it, I'll really be a happy camper.