February 9, 2008

pink dreams and chocolate skies

pink dreams girl's room (by champagne.chic)

Of all the rooms I've designed, I think I love this one the most! (I wonder how many times in my life I will say that?)

This room is for an amazing little girl who loves to sing, cheer, and paint... She is such a little entertainer- she talks and talks and she is just so creative. I used a lot of her very own artwork in the room, and I couldn't have commissioned anyone to do anything more perfect for this space!

I started with pink- that was a very clear directive. I was really happy when Mom was willing to do a chocolate color as the background, so it was Sherwin Williams' Terra Brun for the walls. Then we started with a few ideas from the "inspiration files" and once I got to work pulling everything together, the room took on a life of its own... I love it when that happens!

Here's a look at the finished product: (More photos are here on my Flickr site)

pink dreams and a chandelier on top (by champagne.chic)

When I saw this adorable dress in her closet, I knew exactly where it was going!

pink dreams bedscape (by champagne.chic)

pink dreams wallscape (by champagne.chic)

This is a floor-length mirror with the mirror removed
and a pink magnetic chalkboard inserted. This displays her "art of the moment"...

pink dreams magnetic chalkboard (by champagne.chic)

cupcakes and pink dreams (by champagne.chic)

I found the feather boa in the Valentine's section
while doing some last-minute shopping for the room. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, I just liked it. While I was in the checkout line, this idea came to me... Yay!

pink dreams and chocolate sky (by champagne.chic)

pink dreams drapes (by champagne.chic)

The velvet panels needed a little "spicing up", so I went antiquing and got some vintage accents and used ribbons to tie them to the drapery rings.

pink dreams velvet and vintage (by champagne.chic)

We won't discuss how difficult it was
to get the pink paint to stick to the NON-stick baking sheets here... ha!

pink dreams baking vignette (by champagne.chic)

pink dreams artwork corner (by champagne.chic)

I used scrapbook papers as a background
and framed little aprons and one of her art creations to hang above the "kitchen sink"...

pink dreams kitchenette (by champagne.chic)

pink dreams bedding (by champagne.chic)


cotedetexas said...


p.s. thanks for the comments too!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Wow - that is an absolutely stunning little girls room. What a lucky little lady!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is so cute, I love it! Great creative ideas!


drey said...

very great piece, thanks for this,... lots of great ideas! well done, i must say, for creating a pink room that doesn't BURST of pink!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love this room. I hope my next child is a girl...I will save these photos just in case!

yk.celine said...

Well done!
What gorgeous Interior creation for the kid,
They are really lucky to have such wonderful space that you've created for them !
I'm wondering...
Will I be lucky too?
If you don't mind that I post these "Pink Dreams"photos on my blog?
Here it is...
Thank you very much

the cup maker...Celine from Taiwan

yk.celine said...

The room owner is really lucky to have such beautiful space that you've created for her!
Great job!
May I post your photos of "Pink Dreams"on my blog if you don't mind!I'm a potter & cup maker,here is my blog---
and email---
Thanks for the answering!

Celine HWANG from Taiwan

Anonymous said...

Wow, that bed, and the rolling pins for jewelry holders, and that sweet little pretend kitchen is divine! This makes me wish I had a little girls room to doll up like so! I have a little boy who is 4 and he is determined to have a color scheme of red and black in his room...Arhg!:) Fantastic job!

Natalie said...

Okay you don't know me, but I am a mom and my daughter has a room very similar in shape as this room. I LOVE the colors and shabby chic style. I have a question for you. Where did you get this adorable kitchen? I need one? LOL! I have been looking and looking but I haven't been able to decide on one, until now. You can go to my blog and leave me a note. THANKS!