February 6, 2008

store scope out: room service home

rs faux bois (by Design Snitch)

Faux Bois Ceramic Stoneware Dessert Plates

I've loved Room Service Home since they first came on the scene.
A few years ago, they were the only place I could find my beloved sunburst mirror (now a somewhat ubiquitous decorator piece) for a decent price- I'll love 'em forever for that one!

I stopped by and checked out their site today and found some things I adore. Most of these items aren't going to be budget-friendly finds, but they are unusual pieces that really make a statement. Sometimes you need that "extra something", you know? Here are my fave finds:

usa map 158 (by Design Snitch)
USA Map on Canvas $158

tooled ottoman 624 (by Design Snitch)
Hand Tooled Turquoise Ottoman $624

spool table 199 (by Design Snitch)
Spool Stool $199

aqua lamp 398 (by Design Snitch)
Aquamarine Lamp $398

indio 499 (by Design Snitch)
Indio Mirror $499

wild rose 68 (by Design Snitch)
Wild Rose Pillow $68

porch mat 24 (by Design Snitch)
Indoor/Outdoor Diamond Porch Mat $24

sailors knot 39 (by Design Snitch)
Sailor's Knot Door Stop $39


Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating said...

Oh, wow...I love those Spool Stools and that aquamarine lamp. Great finds!

Anonymous said...

I just received a Room Service Home catalog. I love it.