January 24, 2008

store scope out: sweet sofas

I've always loved cars. I think it was hotwired into my brain from an early age because my Dad was in the automotive aftermarket industry, and my brother was (is) a major car enthusiast. (The faster the better for him!)

I can easily imagine my brother having one of these intriguing pieces
from Sweet Sofas. This company has created quite a niche market with their inventive "car hacks". They have done incredible things with their automobile art- even the headlights and tailights are in working order on these creations! I can definitely envision these items in funky lofts, bar areas, game rooms, and of course- the "man room".

Check out their creations below:

There's even a hide-a-bed version!

This desk is incredibly creative:

There's tables, too!

What I love about this is that you just know the idea for this company started by someone sitting around talking with their friends and saying "What if....?"


Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating said...

Those sofas are great! I'm blown away at how creative some people are.

blah said...

Oh these are TOTALLY cool TOTALLY!

Original, colourful and FUN! !my kind of post!!!

Unknown said...

hi trinity and design snitch!

this is mona- you don't know me, but i'm a guest blogger over at maison21. i was recently tagged to reveal 7 unknown facts about myself by felicity over at all things bright and beautiful


in turn, i had to tag 7 other doggies and kitties to do guest blogs too, revealing those 7 unknown facts about themselves, and then of course they have to do the same. since i don't know a lot of other doggies and kitties that might have blog access, i picked you (fitting, since my dad found your blog through atbb)! my dad apologizes profusely as he thinks this is nothing but a blog version of a chain letter, but i think it's fun. and they asked ME, not him, so i'm asking you, trinity! but of course i understand if you are too busy napping to participate...



ps- i love car rides so i'd like to sit in these sofas, i think!