January 27, 2008

Tagged: Trinity Speaks!

I have been "tagged"!
Maison 21's beautiful pupster "Mona" has tagged my kitty cat (Trinity) and requested that she list "7 unknown things" about herself. Trinity gladly accepted, and here is her response:

"7 Unknown Facts About “Trinity”- My Top Secret Cat Thoughts..."

I am Tambra's Russian Blue kitty
and I have now taken on the position as co-blogger! (Air kisses to Mona!) I share the house with three other illustrious kitties, one comical English Bulldog, and a spirited Pomeranian. I enjoy long walks on the countertops at sunset and a fine glass of milk before bedtime.

Below you will find my closely-guarded, innermost thoughts:

- Eat, play, sleep. Eat, play, sleep. This is not a hard concept. I always wonder what this “work” thing is that my Momma keeps putting in the middle…?

- I really do love the dogs. Everyone should have such a good staff.

- My Momma vs. Whisker Lickins Crunchy Tuna Treats… don’t ever make me choose.

- I see all those birds outside. That feather dangling on a stick isn’t cutting it.

- Tomorrow I’m going to eat some more of that plastic plant and throw it up again.

- I understand every single word you’re saying- I just like to take my time in deciding if I care.

- I always wonder: When do these people bathe? I have never seen them licking themselves- not once.

Thanks for sliding me into my new blogging career, Mona! Since I'm such a newbie, it's gonna take some time for me to find seven other blogging pets to tag, but I'll get right on it! :)

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Unknown said...

trinity is one pretty kitty!