April 2, 2009

eyed at etsy: baby butterflies

Look closely at these little 3D hand-cut butterflies from AlmondTreeFrames on Etsy... they are actually cut from your own photos of your little one! I'm overdosing on preciousness here...

Since we're short on babies in the Champagne family, but COVERED in pets- I ordered one of these beautiful creations for my Mom-in-law as a Christmas gift, using photos of her beloved boxer dogs. It came out beautifully, and she was so thrilled with it that she cried- which made me very happy. This is my goal in all gift-giving efforts: CRY! Cry me a river! ;)

If you're not into the butterfly theme, you can also have these photo cut-outs created in shapes of airplanes, frogs, hearts, and dinosaurs.

The artist is in Australia, so there's a little bit of a lead time after you order- but it's sooooo worth it. As a bonus, you'll also be the hit of any birthday, housewarming, or gift-giving occasion by being able to say- "Oh, I got this for you from Australia". :)

Here are some other great designs from AlmondTreeFrames on Etsy:

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AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said...

I love the tree. Isn't Etsy the best?