April 7, 2009

home exterior color recipes - "as the wheel turns"

I have to admit, I'm obsessed with color. I know this isn't much of a shocker- it's a huge part of what I do, after all. But I worry about myself sometimes...

You see, I'm never without my Sherwin-Williams fan deck. EVER. It's with me at the doctor's office, it's with me in the back yard, it's with me in the shower, and it's with me on vacation. It's with me because it's in my HEAD, and let me tell 'ya- it never stops spinning!

I find that every space I enter is instantly processed and translated into the corresponding Sherwin-Williams color. I can walk into a home and spout off colors as we walk through the rooms, no fan deck required. I do it in the bank, I do it in hotel rooms, I do it when I'm sitting in the dentist's office. "Oh- there's restrained gold with Ivoire. And there's Sawdust... and Fireweed!"

Sooooo.... I was gathering photos to show an internet client some examples of exterior color combinations, and then it hit me- I could use these to let everyone in on my color wheel game- woohoo! Let's spin that wheel!

The photos below are not houses that I chose colors for, they are just a random sampling from around my neighborhood. I call these "color recipes" because they are just that: recipes. Just like in cooking- you can't go messing with the recipe and expect it to come out right. (This includes the roof color, which I didn't dare attempt- too many variables!) Every color has to be used with the others for the overall "look" to be achieved here. You can't go painting the brick the color of the recipe and then painting the trim a color that's not in the recipe. You know what that's a recipe for? DISASTER. ;)

All of the color recipes are really "educated guesses", but I stand behind them in case you're itching to get a paint gun out this weekend. :)

So let's break down this beauty up there... This has always been one of my favorite makeovers in my neighborhood- this house just oozes "bold and confident". Here's the recipe:

  1. Body- Cast Iron SW6202
  2. Shutters- Minwax stain Cherry
  3. Trim/Window Frames (and gutters!)- Tricorn Black SW6258
  4. Door- Minwax stain Cherry

This is another great little renovation, with the front porch as the star! Here's the mix:
  1. Body: Totally Tan SW6116
  2. Shutters: Coastal Plain SW6192, whitewashed
  3. Trim: Biscuit Sw6112
  4. Door: Rock Garden SW6195

I really like the drama in this one- all that gorgeous contrast really makes this little house "pop". The window frames painted black are a standout feature, also- very modern! Recipe:
  1. Body: Rare Gray SW6199
  2. Shutters/Window Frames: Tricorn Black SW6258
  3. Trim: Extra White SW7006
  4. Door: Heartthrob SW6866

Another "red door" beauty, with a lighter mix:
  1. Body: Spalding Gray SW6074
  2. Shutters: Tricorn Black SW6258
  3. Trim: Extra White SW7006
  4. Door: Stop SW6869

This is a very classic color combination, and it always works!
  1. Body: Compatible Cream SW6387
  2. Shutters: Rare Gray SW6199
  3. Trim: Dover White SW6385
  4. Door: Andiron SW6174

Here we have a very warm, welcoming color combo- a little rustic mixed in with the cottage style... Recipe:
  1. Body: Restrained Gold SW6129
  2. Shutters: Stained Minwax Golden Pecan
  3. Trim: Divine White SW6105
  4. Door: Stained Minwax Early American

This is a nice sleek, modern exterior combination. Kinda makes me think I'm going to walk into something really cool past the front door!
  1. Body: Anonymous SW7046
  2. Shutters: Iron Ore SW7069
  3. Trim: Interactive Cream SW6113
  4. Door: Fired Brick SW6335

I just LOVE this house... I stalk it regularly! ;) It reminds me of the houses in Sweden, which are so full of charm and personality! Here's the recipe:
  1. Body: Extra White SW7006
  2. Trim: Silver Strand SW7057
  3. Shutters: Composed SW6472
  4. Door: Silver Strand SW7057

There are many, many houses in the Memphis area that are done in this style- what sets this one apart and makes me head over heels for it is that wonderful rust wash on the door and shutters! (It's there year-round, not just for Halloween. I just happened to take the photo around that time...)

You rarely see this kind of creativity on a 1.5 million dollar house- most of the time these bold strokes are found on the smaller homes in Midtown, which is our more "artsy" area. I give mad kudos to the owner for showing some individuality- so refreshing and very unexpected!

  1. Body: Proper Gray SW6003
  2. Shutters: I'm guessing that this is a Modern Masters faux finish treatment- possibly using metal effects and a patina aging solution?
  3. Trim: Snowfall SW6000
  4. Door: Same treatment as shutters

Well, that's it for today's color recipes! Don't worry- I'm not done yet....there are more exteriors to post tomorrow on the next episode of "As The Wheel Turns".... ;)

P.S. If one of these photos is your home, please shoot me an email- I'd love to give credit where credit is due for these great color examples!


AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage said...

This was a very cool idea. I love seeing how you broke down the exteriors. I can't wait to see more!

Erin {House of Turquoise} said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I'm so glad you left comments on mine (and such NICE ones at that!) so I could discover yours and all of your talent! :)

beauty comma said...

This sounds just like me - only difference is that I break down and analyze music instead of colour. I'm not entirely happy about it actually - it takes away a lot of the spontaneous joy I used to get from listening to music - so I really hope that you're having fun when analyzing colour! Looks from the post like you do!

###### said...

I heart your blog...first time here for me.