June 8, 2009

at last! our HGTV air date has been announced!

Wow. Talk about surprised! :) After three and a half years of waiting, we are finally going to see our house on HGTV's "What You Get For The Money"!

HGTV's website lists our episode (episode 710) to be aired on July 5th at 12:30pm Central Time and again on August 24th at 6pm Central Time.

I admit to a little anxiety about all of this... as you all know, that house was our former home and there's quite a "story" there. (See this) Also, I don't think I'll even recognize myself or my husband anymore- along with our residence, we've changed after three and a half years, too! :)

On another more somber note, one of our neighbors (and beloved friend) that joined us with his family that day for the "lifestyle shoot" in our episode tragically passed away last year from an accidental fall from a ladder. He was only 45 years old, and he was the visible heart of our neighborhood. I'm not sure if his part of the film will make the edit for the show or not, but if it does it will be very difficult to see. :( We miss him so much...

So along with the excitement of this announcement, there's also some bittersweet memories involved. However, I know there is a "time to every purpose" and I also know the long delay in airing this show was certainly a Divine arrangement. I really look forward to sharing our former home with everyone through such a great venue. Wow. HGTV!! :)

I'll send another blasty-blast out again here when the date gets closer. I might regret these announcements after I actually see the episode, as it may be super goofy or something... but if that happens--- you don't know me. ;)

Happy Decorating!

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